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Evaluation and Management Services

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Evaluation and management (E/M) services are cognitive (as opposed to procedural) services in which a physician or other qualified healthcare professional diagnoses and treats illness or injury. Nearly all physicians provide E/M services, however most services that infectious diseases physicians provide are of the E/M type. Appropriate documentation and coding of E/M services are vital to capturing the medical services provided to infectious diseases patients and therefore are also vital for appropriate reimbursement and compensation. IDSA has curated resources for ID physicians and their staff to assist in a better understand E/M coding. 

For detailed information on the changes and instructions on how to use the revised the codes visit: AMA CPT Information Office and Outpatient E/M.

Frequently Asked Questions: Office/Outpatient E/M Services

IDSA has prepared an FAQ that answers questions and provides definitions for office/outpatient E/M Services. For other coding questions including CPT, HCPCS and ICD-10 codes, please submit a question via Ask the Coder.

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Home Infusion Therapy Services

Medicare Utilization Data for Infectious Diseases Physicians

Please visit the Medicare Research, Statistics, Data & Systems Page for free and purchasable information, including utilization rates, cost reports, error rates, and beneficiary and provider surveys.

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