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June 26, 2019


The Critical Need for Stewardship in the ICU…and more ID in the News

Infectious Disease Special Edition spoke with IDSA spokesperson Sarah Doernberg, MD, on how antibiotic stewardship in the ICU should be a critical part of a patient’s care. However, the article points out that it is not easy to practice in this setting because the patients are so vulnerable, the need is immediate, and all the information needed to choose an antibiotic is often not available.

“In the ICU, there is a feeling that there is a lack of leeway or time to let things unfold compared to a more stable patient,” Doernberg, stated. “Hence, there is more risk aversion in the ICU settings toward missing an organism or missing an infection. This results in broader antibiotic use, which typically is appropriate. But it can also increase adverse effects for the patient and increase antibiotic resistance in general.”

This is just one of the news pieces that IDSA and our member spokespersons contributed to, in addition to others highlighted below. Follow us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook to see the latest news and opinion pieces featuring IDSA, HIVMA and our members.


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