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March 20, 2019


IDSA Leads the Way on AMR Policy and Advocacy

IDSA continues to educate Congress about antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and inform federal AMR research priorities.

AMR on Capitol Hill:  IDSA hosted a congressional briefing with the Pew Charitable Trusts to educate congressional staff about AMR and the need to incentivize antibiotic research and development (R&D). The briefing featured IDSA Board member Helen Boucher, MD, FIDSA and speakers from Entasis and Merck. Dr. Boucher also met with key congressional offices from her home state of Massachusetts to speak with them about these issues. 

AMR on Facebook:  Dr. Helen Boucher also participated in this IDSA Facebook discussion on AMR and antibiotic R&D during which she discusses the disturbing growth of antibiotic resistance and the urgent need for new antibiotics. She also explores why new antibiotic R&D is falling behind, what these dangerous trends mean for patients, and what we can all do about it.


NIAID Antibacterial Resistance Research Priorities: In response to a NIAID request for input to inform the next iteration of its five-year strategic framework for antibacterial resistance research and development, IDSA recommended increased funding and streamlining bureaucratic processes for antibacterial resistance (AR) research, prioritizing the discovery and development of new antibiotics, establishing a more extensive clinical trials network, greater collaboration with the FDA, and increased research on stewardship and diagnostics. See IDSA’s full comments here.

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