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Special IDWeek 2019 Edition


Participate in IDWeek’s Twitterstorm on Vaccines

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Advocacy efforts promoting the importance of vaccines have never been more important, and our voices make a difference. Throughout the IDWeek Vaccine Hesitancy session from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET Thursday, Oct. 3, attendees, partnering organizations and members of the public will participate in a Twitterstorm – a sudden, coordinated spike in activity on a certain topic on Twitter – to share vaccine-positive messages and tell others about the importance of vaccination. IDSA members have a unique and important role to play during the Twitterstorm, serving as credible sources for vaccine information on social media, while sharing first-hand accounts of why you personally choose to vaccinate and encourage your patients to vaccinate.

You don’t need to attend IDWeek to participate in this important public awareness event—all you need to do is Tweet a vaccine-positive message during the time of the Twitterstorm and use our dedicated hashtag.* We’ve created sample tweets and developed a handful of graphics, including some that can be edited with your own content, that you’re welcome to use, but we also hope that you’ll share your own experiences, as well as research supporting the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Other ways to participate include retweeting and sharing Twitterstorm content from IDSA, SHEA, HIVMA, PIDS and other aligned organizations (e.g., WHO, CDC, NIH, NIAID, AAP, IAC, AVAC). On the day of the Twitterstorm, please consider changing your Twitter profile picture using this Twibbon here.

For additional Twitterstorm updates and the hashtag reveal, please visit the Twitterstorm landing page and join our Facebook event page. You can also sign-up for an email reminder the day of the event.

*The hashtag will be revealed on Oct. 3 to prevent its use ahead of time. The purpose of this is for the Twitterstorm to create a spike in activity and get the event trending on Twitter (as measured by use of the Twitterstorm hashtag).

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